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03 November 2016

Left Behind for Halloween 2016

This year, as opposed to our previous Halloween activities, I opted to not attend any trick or treats--except for that one organized by my employer.

The reason is that I was mostly busy and really had/ have no time to prepare--so busy, that I have not even started my Christmas shopping! This is the latest and worst year for me! But that's for another post.

Last October 29, after having been to 2 different malls which was really stressful because there were too many people, our last stop was in Uptown Mall.

I was craving for Ippudo so badly but my 2 kids refused to eat noodles--hallelujah! Hahaha.

We ended up in eating in Italianni's--foolproof!
While walking around, we saw this interesting area in Uptown Mall which drew quite a lot of people.

It was like Breakout Manila--it had the same concept.

We decided to sign up for it! Just so the kids are able to tick an activity off during their sem break.

My son acting scared 😜

There were two options available: an escape-room type and the 10-15 minute maze which we availed.

Dark Room costs Php 250/ head and lasts for about 30 minutes.  From what i understand, it requires reservation especially on weekends.

The Nightmare is the maze-type and costs Php 150/ head.  Honestly, I felt that they could've done more with The Nightmare as it was all too predictable. I won't say anything more as I might spoil the maze for you, readers.

Right before going in...

So that's that.  We finished the maze in less than 10 minutes.  Haha. It was a good experience for the kids because of the line we had to endure--taught them how to be patient and to stick to their decision since we've paid for it already. Hahaha.  Also a good experience for young kids who'd like to freak themselves out.

I'd say it's really a group activity either for friends or family.

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